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me:i'm just going to rest my eyes for 5 minutes
me:wakes up february 5th, 2098
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So adorable. Love spending time with my baby bear

So adorable. Love spending time with my baby bear

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this was the first song i wrote out of all the songs on observatory mansions. actually the crappy acoustic version that preceded it was meant to be on my ode to dawn wiener album. lyrics below:

i hear him screaming like late night white trash TV stations
black combat boots pacing in through the school building

he’s gonna fight the good fight, the noble war

yeah my baby has a baby but it’s not me
it’s an AK47 semi-automatic gun and
he loves her more than he loves me

gunslinger, black duster, delusions of a western
he wears his hat on backwards, sets fire to his locker

i’ll bet you’ve never seen the smile of savage-springfield 67H
with his blurry face and cracked voice gone through VHS tapes


ily vic

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